RM of LAjord

Development Permits

A development permit acknowledges the use of land and buildings and its compliance with the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw.  An approved development permit is required in most instances in order to begin developing your property.  A building permit will not be approved until such time a development permit has been issued.

The municipality will review the application to ensure compliance with all municipal bylaws.  Failure to obtain a permit or violation of municipal bylaws may result in significant fines and additional expenses.

Permitted Use Applications

Permitted uses are intended to be appropriate for the Zoning District in which they are listed and do not have major impacts on adjacent land uses.  The Development Officer will review and approve these applications with the RM Council.

Discretionary Use Applications

Discretionary uses may have one or more potential features or effects that initiate review.  Discretionary use development permits are reviewed under a set of evaluation criteria included in the Zoning Bylaw.

Discretionary use applications will also be circulated to all assessed landowners within 75m (or further as deemed by council) of the subject property to provide an opportunity for surrounding landowners to provide comments or questions.  

Council will consider the application as well as any written or verbal landowner responses received during the process.  Council has the ability to approve, approve with conditions or refuse a discretionary use application.

Note: applications involving rezoning and subdivision, are subject to additional fees.  All associated development costs are the responsibility of the developer/property owner.

Make sure to submit your plan ahead of time as a development and building permit can take weeds to receive approval on depending on the quality of the information provided.