RM of Lajord



Once the taxable assessment is determined by SAMA, the Rural Municipality of Lajord No. 128 will determine and set the Mill Rate.

The following formula shows how the municipal portion of the tax levy is derived:

Taxable Assessment x Mill Rate x Mill Rate Factor / 1,000 = Municipal Property Tax Amount

All taxes are due by November 30th, if there are any balances after this date a penalty is added.

Each property is subject to School Taxes.  The School Mill Rates are set by the Government of Saskatchewan.

If you do not pay your taxes by December 31st of the current year, the amount owing will be considered arrears and will be subject to interest and tax enforcement proceedings.  Additional fees will be added to your taxes should your property be subject to tax enforcement.


If you own or lease land in an adjoining Rural Municipality you qualify for the 293 exemption on your property taxes. Please contact the office for an affidavit form, this must be sent in by March 31st.