RM of Lajord


The purpose of this policy is to establish conditions and standards for Primary and Over Primary Weight Permits within the Rural Municipality of Lajord No. 128:

  • The Municipality may determine that the issuance of overweight permits is necessary to keep up with road maintenance related to overweight loads.
  • By authority of The Municipalities Act the municipality may allow by bylaw for the issuance of overweight permits.
  • The overweight permitting process is developed at the discretion of the respective municipality.
  • The process may include the following:
  1. A requirement for the subission of an overweight permit application;
  2. Allowance for more than one vehicle to be applied on the same overweight permit;
  3. Annual Permitting requirement and/or;
  • Evidence of the issuance of an overweight permit to be properly displayed
  • Overweight permits issued by the Rural Municipality of Lajord No. 128 are only applicable to municipal roads within the municipality of issuance.
  • These permits are only valid during the current year.
  • There is a fee for these permits and they are as follows:
  1. Primary Weight Permit - Annual – $100 plus Admin Fee of $50
  2. Over Primary Weight Permit - $100 plus Admin Fee of $50


Ag Producer Agreement

  • Agricultural Production (Ag Producer) Agreement is for farming operations (this covers all trucking associated with Ag Production, included water trucks, fuel trucks, semi’s hauling grain and fertilizer, cement trucks) This type of permit is intended to direct traffic onto roads that can best handle the weight. As most RM roads are Secondary Weight Standard, permits are needed anytime weights will be exceeded. Unlicensed farm equipment is always exempt.
  • Soil, gravel and aggregate will not be exempt from having a primary weight permit or a road maintenance agreement.
  • There is NO FEE for this type of agreement. ALL agricultural producers within the RM should have this permit to avoid fines.  To obtain this permit please contact the Municipality at 306-781-2744 or rm128@sasktel.net