RM of Lajord


There are two types of permits that may be required if you are planning to build on your property:

Development Permit – is required for all development within the RM.  If you plan to build, alter, make exterior improvements or move a structure onto the property a Development Permit is required.  

Building Permit – ensures that the construction meets certain standards.  All information is to be submitted to the RM 6 weeks prior to construction.  Professional Building Inspections Inc. are contracted to review plans and provide on-site inspections of new construction.

Before commencing any development, please ensure that you have your approval and permits in place.

Discretionary Uses – are uses of land that require the approval of R.M. Council.  As part of the discretionary use application process, property owners within 75m of the subject site is notified of the proposed use and provided with an opportunity to comment or ask questions regarding the proposal.

As an alternative, you may attend the Council meeting when the discretionary use application is heard, to express your views to Council.

In addition, a listing of all discretionary use applications to be considered at an upcoming Council meeting will be posted in the local newspaper and online, two weeks prior to any Council meeting.  Please note the listing is subject to change if a decision is made to defer consideration of the discretionary use to a later date.

Obstructions – must be placed 150 feet from the centreline of any municipal road or 300 feet from an intersection.  Please ensure to follow these setbacks in order to reduce snow blockage problems on RM roads.

Subdivisions – applications to subdivide land are approved through the Ministry of Government Relations – Community Planning Branch.  For more information please call 306-787-2725.